About ZCTU

Mission Statement
To promote, advance and safeguard the economic, social and constitutional freedoms of workers by securing legal, political, democratic and good governance framework in Zimbabwe through strengthening its capacity and independence and those of its affiliates.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Congress are:

  1. To organize, develop and maintain a powerful, effective, democratic independent and united trade union movement in Zimbabwe.
  2. To promote, safeguard and win trade union rights and privileges; to generally strive for the improvement of working conditions and employment benefits for all workers in Zimbabwe and to secure full recognition and advancement of the rights, interests and dignity of labour.
  3. To protect and advance full social and economic rights and development of all workers in Zimbabwe within and beyond the trade unions, particularly those of vulnerable groups such as women and children.
  4. To protect and defend workers against all forms of discrimination, exploitation and abuse.
  5. To advance educational, political and economic knowledge within trade unions in order to build their capacity to effectively defend their interests.
  6. To discourage and oppose the formation of splinter trade unions in Zimbabwe, or any other forms of worker disunity.
  7. To strive for the achievement of the highest possible percentage of membership and achievement of compulsory check off of trade union levies and dues in Zimbabwe.
  8. To develop and maintain a national labour information centre to assist trade unions and workers on all matters of trade union organization, administration, employment, legislation and other relevant matters.
  9. To formulate, effect and ensure the observance and implementation of Congress Policies by its affiliates.
  10. To work to ensure that the member unions are run on common guidelines and thus create, through mutual solidarity between the unions and between the members at each place of work. Unity and strength in the work of promoting and coordinating the trade union, financial and cultural interests of employees.
  11. To provide mediation for the resolution of disputes within, between or among member trade unions when specifically delegated to do so by its affiliates and/or by the General Council.
  12. To act as a channel of communication for the labour movement and cooperate wherever possible with Government, cooperatives, progressive organizations and any employers’ organization on matters of mutual concern or interest.
  13. To represent the Zimbabwe labour movement in international fora and to promote friendship, cooperation, solidarity and fraternal understanding with other trade union movements, progressive institutions and mass organizations whose aims and principles coincide with those of the Congress.


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